OK – seriously folks, my job is to get you to donate to our good work.

We realise there are many great charities and organisations out there helping people with disability issues, but we would ask you to consider us as a top priority when it comes to supporting our work. Donating money and support will ‘humongously’ help our people progress in life and let them realise their full potential. Thanks for considering us as a priority charity. It means the world to us.  

Donate to Highland BlindCraft

We’re working hard to support our people and others with literacy and BSL training. And, as you can imagine, it takes considerable time, effort and money to organise and carry out this vital training. We would appreciate your help in funding our literacy and BSL training. It makes such a difference to the lives of our people and individuals we support outwith Highland BlindCraft.

It’s very easy to donate money by our secure PayPal link. Just click the button below, and you can donate as much as you want.

We want to say a huge thanks for your donation – it will go towards changing the lives of our people and others who will benefit from our literacy and BSL training programmes.

And please do contact us about getting involved with Highland BlindCraft. We are always looking for new partnerships’ and ways of helping our people to prosper, learn and be involved with the wider world in a progressive and helpful manner.


Thanks again for your donation